MSC Dance Crew – ‘Kiss me now’ dance tutorial

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#Cabin12006 and the #MSCDanceCrew have teamed up to bring you an exclusive dance tutorial to the one and only song we’ll be playing on loop all summer, ‘Kiss me now’! 🎶 Grab some friends, bust a move and share your dance videos by tagging us! Watch the full Cabin 12006 web series here:

Stay safe. Keep dreaming. Discovery awaits you. #AWorldOfDiscovery #MSCTeens #Cabin12006

“MSC Dance Crew” 2020 Fremantle for MSC Cruises

Directed by Francesco Raganato
Choreographer Thomas Signorelli

Song : “Kiss me now”
Music & Lyrics by Davide Magnabosco

“Cabin 12006 My cruise playlist” 2020 Dreamworld , One Organization , Music producer Riccardo Scirè

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